Founded in 1969

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Welcome to St. Sava Parish and Church Community

First Serbian settlers migrated to New Zealand between 1948-1952.

Since then, Serbs have been visiting Russian and Greek Orthodox churches. The idea of establishing a Church Community has been in existence for over twenty years, and it finally happened on December 10th, 1967.

Saint Sava– first Archbishop of Serbia was chosen as The Patron Saint of Serbian community.

Soon after, Serbian Community bought former Catholic Church in Island Bay on 4th February 1968.

Father Dušan Kuridža was appointed as the first parishioner of Serbian Parish.

After repair and renovation of the temple, the Divine Liturgy was for the first time served in front of the farthest Altar from the Motherland on 14th September 1969.

Since that time, the Serbian community has been gathering in Saint Sava’s church preserving Serbian tradition and culture.

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Father Predrag Grubacki