Annual General Assembly

On Sunday, 27. November 2016 at 10.00am, a regular morning Divine Liturgy will take place in our church in Wellington.

After the service at 12.00pm, in the Church hall will be held Annual General Assembly of the St. Sava's Parish with the following agenda:

  1. Blessing/Prayer
  2. Reading and verification of the 2015 Annual Assembly’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s report on the financial matters for the year 2015/2016
  4. Reports of the:

- Church committee

- Auditor

5. Parish priest report and formation of the following new church bodies/boards

6. New priest

7. Plan of activities for the year 2017

8. Blessing/Prayer

We take the opportunity to call upon everyone to come and contribute with concrete and constructive discussions to the fullness of success to this Annual Assembly.

With blessing,

Fr. Sava with Church Board